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Emilya's favorites
Emilya Burd
Joshua Engel
Joshua Engel
5.3k ViewsUpvoted by Marc BodnickMichael Lee, Public Policy Analyst
Joshua is a Most Viewed Writer in Lobbying.
Quora User
Quora User, I read.
30.5k ViewsAnswer featured in Slate.
Quora User has 60+ answers in Women.
2.4k ViewsUpvoted by George Anders
Quora User
Quora User, Gaytheist . . . (gay + atheist people!)
12.7k ViewsUpvoted by Tom Morris, Out & proud, demanding equality.Erica Friedman, Lesbian iconAnne L. Hogue-Boucher, Pansexual in a Lesbian Relationship for almost 25 years.
Quora User is a Most Viewed Writer in LGBTQI.
Sanjay Sabnani
Sanjay Sabnani, Left home at 13.
25.3k ViewsSanjay has 6 endorsements in Life.
Christopher VanLang
Christopher VanLang, I make drugs
28.4k ViewsUpvoted by Aditya Basrur, M.S. Biotechnology, NorthwesternQuora User, PhD, Bioengineer, Nerd BookwormQuora User, Drug pharmacology is my primary field of study, and area of expertise.
Christopher is a Most Viewed Writer in Drug and Pharmaceutical Companies.